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Bike home

Lucriolla has been awarded the "accueil vélo" label. You will therefore find these facilities:

- secure bicycle shelter

- equipment for small repairs

-cleaning equipment for bicycles

- a wifi access to follow the weather forecast, to prepare the next part of your journey

- a copious breakfast to keep you fit on your journey

- a fridge, a microwave, a plancha, dishes... to eat on site

-a list of repairers, rental companies, etc.

It is possible to book a picnic meal for the evening or for your leg the following day.

The Loire by Bike route

Champtoceaux is an essential stop on the Loire à Vélo route. The Lucriolla house is less than 100m from your route. When you cross the Oudon bridge to get to Champtoceaux, just turn left and the house will be on your right a few meters further.
Location vélo - Maison d'hôtes - Orée d'Anjou

Ready for a tour?

There are also routes that allow you to stay for a weekend. If you wish to discover the area better, a loop allows you to discover the Loire by bike, the local vineyards and historical heritage. It starts at the Cul du Moulin (nautical base in front of the house) and is 23.5km long, passing through La Varenne, Mauve-sur-Loire and Oudon. You can also leave your bike and discover the Loire in a different way: canoeing, boat cruising, walking...

What about my luggage?

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, 2 proposals are made to you:

-If you are roaming, luggage transport organisations are at your disposal. If you are travelling light and want to enjoy your luggage in the evening, they will collect your luggage from your accommodation in the morning and drop it off at your new stop in the afternoon. If you are interested in this service, do not hesitate to contact Bagafrance.
-If you are staying at the house and want to walk around a bit more after your departure, you can leave your luggage at the house. After vacating the room, the bags can be stored safely at the house so that you can enjoy your stay to the full.