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Chambres d'hôtes Lucriolla - Champtoceaux -Commandes de pâtisseries et Cake Design

About us

You're wondering who's behind Lucriolla?
It's me, Lucie, 36, mum of 2 children aged 1 (the 2 cookies still baking in the photo).
I used to work as a laboratory technician in a large clinic in the Nantes region. For a variety of reasons, the main one being that I was looking for a way of life where I could meet new people and have a pleasant personal/work environment, I wanted to leave everything behind to open a bed and breakfast and make a living from my passion, pastry-making.
Chambres d'hôtes et pâtisserie pour un changement de vie - Lucriolla - Champtoceaux

About Lucriolla

So in July 2019, I discovered this house built in 1800, and fell in love with it. In October we started work on the house.
At the same time, I was taking distance learning courses in pastry-making so that I could pass my CAP exam as an independent candidate.
In January 2020 I left my job in the laboratory to devote myself fully to finishing my work and preparing for my forthcoming exams. It's decided, I'll open my rooms in April 2020... or not (thanks covid)!
In the end it'll be July 2020 and I won't be able to pass my CAP Pâtissier until July 2021.

Why Lucriolla?

I wanted to give it a name created for the occasion, so that it would only evoke my project.
"Lu' stands for Lucie, my first name. Obviously, as this is my life's project, I'm putting my heart and personality into it.
"criolla' refers to the Criollo variety of cocoa used in pastries (but probably the most refined of the 3 varieties used). For me, it was an obvious choice to make a reference to pastries and chocolate in particular, which is probably one of my greatest weaknesses.
The 'a' at the end is for the feminine side.
Viennoiseries maison proposées dans les chambres d'hôtes Lucriolla - Champtoceaux

About the business

I wanted to create a place where life was good, where pastry-making had pride of place, and where my business was compatible with my family life.
So it's natural to have my children playing right next door when you have breakfast here. When the tearoom was open, they were sometimes playing with your children. 
My aim is to offer a gourmet break for your B&B stays (for example with my homemade viennoiseries) for optimum comfort and rest. As far as packed lunches and pastries are concerned, my aim is also to offer you a real moment of indulgence to enhance your outings or events. My aim is to offer you quality products in a simple way.

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