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Label vignobles et découvertes

It is because you are in the heart of the local wine region that this label is appropriate.

Surrounded by the vineyards of Anjou and Nantes, you will be able to enjoy visits to the cellars and tastings of our specialities.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste 2 local wines in the tea room. This will give you a taste of your discovery of the vineyards.


The delicious local white wine, neither too dry nor too sweet, that you will love: Malvoisie.

Impossible to miss if you want to discover the local wine. With its light pear taste, you will appreciate it for your aperitif.
This wine is to be discovered in many cellars in the vicinity (the list is on the documents of Osez Mauges and Anjou tourisme present at the house), often proposed in the restaurants in the vicinity, as well as in my tea room on the spot (that of Domaine des Galloires - Drain).


If I tell you that Muscadet also has its wines for ageing?

The Champtoceaux vintage is one of them. With its finer taste than a classic muscadet thanks to its longer time on the lees, the most recalcitrant to muscadets will be pleasantly surprised. Your visit to the house is therefore an opportunity to discover it.
The Cru Champtoceaux available in the tea room comes from the Domaine des Galloires - Drain.

For more information

The tourist office offers several walks on the theme of the vineyard, as well as a list of local wine cellars, etc... Don't hesitate to have a look!