Our story


My name is Lucie and I am pleased to welcome you to my newly renovated house for a stay during your walks along the Loire. The guest rooms open from 6th July 2020.

In 2022, it will also be possible to enjoy a tea and pastry room for the delight of gourmet walkers. It will be with pleasure that I will offer you something for a sweet break not far from the Luce boarding pier in Champtoceaux.

This life project for me started from my desire to return to an activity on a human and convivial scale. I was in good health before and I needed to find the time again to welcome, talk and share my taste for pastries, teas, infusions etc. with people who would be passing through. I can't wait to meet you here for a moment in a good mood while enjoying the magnificent view. By the way, speaking of this view, you can see the Loire from each of the rooms, the breakfast room and the outside terrace.

Why Lucriolla? It's a contraction of my first name, Lucie, from the name of a refined variety of cocoa, Criollo, which reflects my taste for pastry and the "a" to end in a more feminine spirit. It is a name that symbolises part of my personality and therefore of the atmosphere that reigns here. It is up to you to come and discover my world...

Don't hesitate to keep an eye on the evolution of the site to find out more about how the project is progressing.

See you soon